Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Way to Get Google Page Rank

Beside by purchased domain with PR, we can try to build our own blog to prepare next google PR update. But sometimes we don't have enough time for this. Maybe you can try my another way:
1. Purchase cheap domain with normal or discount price ( just 2$)
2. Park this domain using whypark to get free content and to be indexed by google so that we must not busy for this (or you can used that give free service). We can buy whypark account for 90$. Beside to get free content for google adsense program, we also can use this accout for affiliate selling.
3. Don't forget to submit your domain to or using other free submit url tool.
4. Link this domain as much as you can to get linkback.

From my experience I can get PR 2 after month I park it, here the list:

All this domain, now ready to register again to paid review program.

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