Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How do I Optimize My New Blog?

Based on my little experience, I want to share about how to optimize our new blog so that it's indexed by google and increase alexa ranking.
I do it to my ebooks about crafts blog so that it can be indexed by google in few days and have alexa ranking 2.500.000 now after 10-14 days. hee, it's just newbie sharing, I do not do SEO cause of my lack of knowledge and also I don't have any time:

1. Submit your domain url at :www.google.com/addurl
2. Submit your domain to multiple main search engine via www.needhits.net/url_submitter/
3. Submit your domain at web directory such us DMEGS, blogging fusion, web-directory.org and else (you can find by your self using search engine)> I got this tips from mas Bagus.
4. Submit your domain at blog community/directory such mybloglog and blog catalog
5. Ping your post at www.pingomatic.com
6. Register at technorati
7. Blogwalking and do url exchange (I do it from my dummy blog)
8. Put alexa toolbar

Wanna adding your tips?


hawee said...

and than register paid review :D

tips from irfan said...

Thankss, I like your tips


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