Friday, February 22, 2008

PayPerPost Tips (2)

After my first tips on Payperpost and the good news from payperpost to give open opportunity for 1 month old blog with minimum 10 posting in English, now let me to share my experience while making review jobs from payperpost.

1. After your blog was approved, for looking a job, just click open opportunity and you can reserve and get the job if there is the opportunity with white or green background. If the available jobs have red or gray backgrounds, its mean that you are not eligible to reserve the job.
2. After find the right job with high payment of course, choose or click the job and you must reserve the job by click the icon "reserve this job" at the top of right the page. Then there will a question you must answer before they accept your job reservation. Is your answer is correct, it's mean your reservation is accepted and you must finished the job for maximum 6 hours and don't ever to close the job page because if you close it you will lost the code you must put at your post and you can't report your job post link.
3.For the first posting, you must put the disclosure statement to your post, and for next post usually they ask wide side disclosure (like at the right bottom of my blog. It depend on the advertiser so you must carefully the task).
4. At one day we just can reserve 2 job and between this job post, we must post non job post from payperpost
4. Your regular post must be within 7 day past.
5. The post must be an english at english blog and you can not do copy paste.

After finished your job,you must report or submit your url post task and your post title. Check the blog rule and then submit post. After that they will quickly review your post and email you whether it's accepted or declined. If it's approved, you will accept the payment 30 days later and if it's declined, you must repair your post and submit it again.
Making a post here is easy because they not required a long post (usually 50-300 words depend on each advertiser). The payment is variable start from $5 till hundred dollars.

So, if your blog still rejected, don't ever give up friends.Just repair your blog and submit it again.


hawee said...

aku udah berapa kali add blog gak pernah di approve sama ppp.. kesel jadinya mbak..

Andrew Ooi said...

Is that one month with minimum 10 posts or is it 10 posts in total for the blog?


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