Saturday, February 2, 2008

Buy Expired Domain With PR

One strategy to get traffic for our parked domain is by buy domain or expired domain with PR (pagerank). Exactly not just Pagerank, but we can buy based on link and hits. For me myself I like buy expire domain with PR because I can used this domain for Paid to Review Programs. Before I can make website, I will used it with custom domain.
I have purchased and publish my 4 new domain namely:
1. (PR 3)
2. (PR 5), I used it for my bisnisupdate blog
3. (PR 5)
4. (PR 4)

I'm not purchase it by bidding at because I'm not understand many idiom at there like BIN, etc and the price sometimes expensive.

I purchase this domain from Go Daddy but before I search at:

Don't forget to check the PR manually here or check at


You also can purchased domain from This is mine. The differences from is that both just sold forgrd expired domain with PR but I can sell the domain lower than them and also I will pushed it max 12 hours after payment.


Indra Diky said...

let me know when you have found a PR5 domain. :)

Ayana's Mom said...

aku belinya 3mgg lalu trus ditransfer go daddy 5hr kemudian.Kenapa Ndra?

reztar said...

makasi infonya... pas banget nih, lagi mo cari domain.

Aristianto said...

Thanks for your great tips, i've start my little research to buy a new domain with PR. But i can't find the best services to check domain PR.

My question is, where i can find the best result to check PR especially for paid review, because i ussualy check domain PR with For example, i've check your domain name with blogflux shown PR5, but i also check with (, all google data center shown PR0.

yunitae said...

waktu beli mmg msh segitu, skrg dah 0 krn dipake paid review kecuali yg Biasanya selain di blogflux aku cek di

feethrha said...

Thank you for ur tips...


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