Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Join PayPerPost

Since 5 months ago,exactly I really want to join and have registered PayPerPost, a blog ads program with the largest sponsored blogging network. After many times my blogs were rejected, thanks God that last week this blog was accepted . They really have strict requirement and just approve a blog that meet their criterias.
I’m really want to join PayPerPost because they offer the greatest amount of paid to blog or review offer and different with others they have blogger community forum so that their bloggers can share each other. We also can multiply our potential income by join and adding PayPerPost (PPP) direct widget to our blog so we can make a deal directly with their advertiser. With little hard work, we can easily to make $500 / month (you can see their top blogger earned list as a prove). Sound interesting,isn’t?
If I earned that much maybe I will really decide to be working Mom at home so I can take care and educate my child by myself and I hope I can help my husband to buy our new home interior.
If you ever try to register your blog but was rejected, don’t ever give up to correct the cause why your blog was rejected and try to resubmit again your blog to PayPerpost.

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