Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GPS, A High End Technology

Have you ever watch "Enemy of The State" movie starring by Will Smith that released in 1998? Yach, this movie is maybe too old but I can remember at that time GPS (global positioning system) is so high end technology that maybe just show in scientific movie. But I'm wrong. 10 years after this movie released, Now it is easy to buy and use GPS. Before this GPS originally used by military application and since 1980s' US government let civilian to use it.

GPS with satellite help technology used to determine the accurate position and used to help in mapping survey, geodinamic,geodesy,geophysical, transportation and navigation, deformation observation,farming, forestry moreover for sport and recreation.

It's searched and bought by many people because its usage and ability to works in any conditions,24 hours a day and anywhere in the world. I f we do GPS compare, usually they devide be 3 models/system. First is handheld models that use for narrow distance and have low accuracy, second is mapping system for middle distance and the most accurate is geodetic dual frequency.

For detail GPS compare based on price, high end,touch screen and more we can find it at Wise.com. They have make GPS compare plus its wizerank and reviews.

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