Monday, June 9, 2008


Nowadays there are so many ways to make money online on the net. Beside affiliate program such as Amazon and CJ, there are still many ways to make money such us pay perclicks programs and pay perpost or pay per review. the last is the most attractive now because with easy work, we can get easy and much money for that. We just must need a blog, registered it to paid review broker and when it's approved we can take the task available. One of paid review program that ever paid me is Bloggerwave. They pay me 10$/task and had sent the payment to my paypal. Their task require just little 50-100 word/task so is so easy. It's different from other that require 100-200 words. Sound interesting isn't it?


Jewel said...

mba, aku submit task yg ini dari tgl 29 mei, sampai sekarang msh pending :( punya mba udah diapprove blm?

aku udah kontak supportnya, tapi ga ada reply sih. jadi ragu nih ngerjain tasknya :(

jewel said...

mau update mba, ternyata kemaren sore, postinganku di bloggerwave diapprove :)


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