Friday, March 7, 2008

SnapBomb, New Paid Review Program

I just found out about a new paid review website called SnapBomb. I just joined so I thought I could create some buzz about it.
Although you have PR-0 blog we can still join, the different is just the payment rate.
After we submit our blog/s, they will evaluate it which only takes a few seconds (instead of waiting weeks for it like on other sites) . Then each blog will be given a certain minimum and maximum dollar value, through this you will know how much we can earn.

The value of the blog is calculated by “it’s popularity, expertise in a field, and their audience size and reach”. Then we can go straight to the opportunity list. When we choose an offer, we have 12 hours to finish our post. Then they will review our post and provide us with feedback and a rating to get us started.

To be paid, we must earn $25 and we will get it 60 days from the time we created our post. Hope it can be alternative paid to review program.


Asnaini said...

gampang sih emang daftarnya dan harus buat review untuk mendapatkan rating baru bisa mulai dikasih job. mbak sendiri gimana udah dapat job dari snapbomb?

Budi said...

wah makasih mbak, saya juga lagi cari new paid review lagi nih..
lumayan buat nambah recehan he.. he..
tapi kok blog saya yang about insurances gak diterima ya..? padahal di sponsored review sama blogvertise diterima lho..?

iwany said...

mas gmanadah berhasil blum yg di snapbom

kayakna kerja cepat nih snapbom cm 12jam bt bikin review

ps: kayak wartawan kudu online internet trus



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