Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Earning Report on February

After join Paid Review Programs since December 2007, there is so many experience and change in my life. Beside learn about anything within making review, forced to used English in every written and of course this double job activity sometimes make me so tired. Furthermore if there is a busy day or hard day (when many legal cases happen) in my daily working in my company I often can't finish my review job. But because I'm too enjoy blogging and still have spare time at night (because I just live with my daughter) I can do it together although like at this recent time I can't do my maximum effort doing my paid review job because so many legal cases in my company and I must do many business trip to Bandung and Jakarta which is I used train as transportation facility that consumed my time.

Although many blogger don't like paid review programs, it's their right I think but however it's the right of each blogger to write anything in their blog.

If, the Paid Review Master, Indradiky, can make $3000 or more every month, exactly I have many plan include start on the middle of February I must making $1000/month, but because I can't predicted how busy my job in my company and how often I will doing business travel, I afraid I can't reach my goal because sometimes I must declined my review job in Blogsvertise or jobs in Review Me and Linkworth was expired.

I'm realize that paid review program will not lasting forever but at least the earning from this program will really help my family and can be used to offline business/investation.

As a motivation and to still fired up myself to do this additional job, here my earning report on February till this day:
- Withdraw from Paypal (income from Smorty, Blogsvertise, Review Me, Text Link Ads, Linkworth and Payperpost, Sponsored Review and Bloggerwave) : $350
- Pending earning in Paypal account: $400 (after used to buy domains, internet marketing ebook and membership) and still waiting to withdraw when $ reach Rp.9000/$
- Pending Earning (Have been paid yet): Payperpost $ 160 + Blogsvertise $ 310 + Linkworth $49= $ 519


Indra Diky said...

I think you should get a partner, so he/she can write the review while you're doing your business.

Gadis said...

yun, itu kalo uda di diterima di linkworth, apakah sama dg blogvertiser atau kalo advertise yg tertarik dg blog kita, trus baru dikirim lewat email ? atau bagaimana ?

yunitae said...

Biasanya kalo ada job linkpost (review) or linkads (pasang link)mereka akan infokan lewat email

iwany said...

@indradiki : mantab nih earning review smpe $3000, boleh minta petunjuk ato tips bt terjun ke paid review
mohon direview blog saya :) dan cara mengoptimalkan content isi blog

@yunitae : gmana cara mengetahui kalo situs paidreview ga slamanya eksis?

ps : jd tmbah smangat



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