Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Pasar Malam", a cheap entertainment

Long-long time ago,when we still child, maybe we still remember that at that time the famous entertainment are layar tancap and pasar malam. It always was visited by many visitors because television and other entertainment still rare.

Now, after television, dvd and other entertainment facility born,although it's difficult to find layar tancap but we still can find and go to Pasar Malam. Like last night, we are all (y husband,ayana and me) went to pasar malam. Not different with before, there is a bianglala, kereta putar, train, mandi bola and soon. I'm so surprised because the ticket of every game just 3000 rupiah and we can play as long as we like. The shop was also too cheap, for example shoes was sold for 5000 average, jilbab was sold 10000 rupiah/3 pieces, children dress just 10000 rupiah

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Tirto said...

Pasar Malam is one of favourit entertainment in Indonesia


Dulu aku sering komentarin temen yang jalan-jalan ke Bangkok, kupikir apa sih yang dicari karena Bangkok kan sama-sama negara berkemban...